Website, Hubspot CRM and backend office integration

The client

A world-renowned international academic institution

The challange

The client possessed a diverse array of office productivity tools. Many of these tools, such as Hubspot CRM (Customer Relationship Management), delivered significant value. However, they operated independently and lacked seamless integration. The absence of integration resulted in a significant amount of routine, time-consuming, and error-prone manual tasks to...

Automation of B2C service aggregation.


The challenge for the client was the manual collection and dispatch of service requests. This process relied on human operators using basic software tools like spreadsheets and SMS. To maintain a competitive edge and reduce errors, the client sought an efficient and cost-effective way to automate this process. A crucial aspect was the need for a swift and low cost implementation.


Develop a Telegram bot that could automate the dispatch of service requests to the most...

Telecoms system monitoring and IOT

The client

Telecoms operator, providing virtual public networks to 2nd tier operators

The challenge

A core telecoms infrastructure distributed across a wide geographic area. Outage is highly...

Aerospace Component Logistics: Enhancing Sales Support and Analytics

The Client

Our client, a leading global aerospace components supplier, sought a robust and comprehensive software solution to streamline their sales support processes and manage the complexities of pricing and inventory control. Reliant on using...