User Agent Decoder

There are a lot of websites that will decode your device's User Agent identifier, but they tend to be full of adverts or malicious code. So we...

Artificial Intelligence and dealing with relationships

No, we are not talking about when your daughter announces "I've painted my little brother a prettier colour".

We are talking about when Artificial Intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT can fail to understand simple relationships between objects. In contrast, humans are very good at understanding simple relationships between objects, and traditional computer systems are brilliant at processing even massively complex relationships.

AI systems can provide a huge boost to your business productivity, but sometimes they might be the wrong tool to use. We illustrate that here with an example of a simple problem that AI fails to solve...

Webpage head test

You can not normally see the webpage head, but it is important

The Google PageSpeed tool is excellent, but it doesn't analyse everything that might be important to you. We have developed a special online webpage checking tool which looks deeper into an area called the 'webpage head' to find hidden problems on your website.