Like an iceberg most of your website is hidden from view.

Webpage head test

You can not normally see the webpage head, but it is important

You can get an excellent technical evaluation of your website by using the Google PageSpeed tool, but it doesn't analyse everything that might be important to you. We have developed a special online webpage checking tool which looks deeper into an area called the 'webpage head' to find hidden problems on your website.

If you want to go straight to the free website head checking tool, then click here or read on to find out why the 'webpage head' is so important.

Hidden problems

A website can be a bit like an iceberg, you only see 10% of it (the design and content), the rest is hidden out of sight. If not correctly configured, these hidden parts could be damaging your business and you might not even know about it. One of the hidden parts of your website is the head.

What does the webpage head do?

It contains lots of important functions, for example:

  • Providing key text to be used for the position in search engines
  • Ensuring that the text displays correctly in different languages
  • Making sure search engines can find different versions of the website for different languages and regions
  • Making sure that images and text are provided for the webpage when it is posted on a social website like Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Making sure that the webpage is shown in the correct size, especially on mobile devices

How to check the Head

To check your webpage head, just enter the website domain (or URL) below and our system will automatically analyse the page head and alert you to any problems it detects. It should take less than 30 seconds.

If you have scores marked in yellow, these are areas where your website has potential for improvement. If you have scores in red, then your website has issues that should be checked immediately. You are welcome to contact us for more information, or request a full website analysis with the link shown below the results.

Enter your website domain or URL, and then click 'Analyse Webpage Head'