Webpage head test

You can not normally see the webpage head, but it is important

The Google PageSpeed tool is excellent, but it doesn't analyse everything that might be important to you. We have developed a special online webpage checking tool which looks deeper into an area called the 'webpage head' to find hidden problems on your website.

Test your YouTube GDPR Compliance

Embedding YouTube videos on your website can be a quick and cheap way of serving video as we discussed here. However, one drawback we did not cover was the methods that YouTube use to collect personal data. The slightly alarming fact is that in most cases just embedding a YouTube video on your website allows YouTube collect visitor data - the visitor does not even have to watch the video before their data is collected by...

'Retina' images on your website

When and how to use them

If you have a business where image quality is vital (eg. a photographer, design agency or image renderer) then a website with double density images could be a competitive advantage. This is because a visitor to your website with a HDPI or 'Retina' quality screen will then see far better image quality. However, double-density images are twice as wide and also twice as high as standard images. This means that they are 4 times as big. We explain how to deal with this.