Selected projects



Customer feedback

Business support system


A global sports franchise. Comprehensive web-based system for partner financial reporting, tracking of members coupled with web 2.0 social networking.

We have been impressed with the fast delivery, the high quality of the solution and at a price we could afford. Thanks to the ease of use it has become an invaluable aid to our rapidly growing global presence. Great job!

Web shop and logistics

A large multi-national IT manufacturer. Required an easy to use, integrated online web shop with inventory control and logistics functions.

Business Landing helped us to quickly define our needs resulting in a system that is highly available, expandable and reliable. Those results have rapidly lowered our operating costs, met our business objectives and an improve customer satisfaction ratings. We have now been live for nearly 2 years with no application downtime at all.

Web-based Monitoring & Management

International Telcoms companies needed to know the real-time status of vital telecoms equipment. We developed a Linux back end that monitors and collects millions of data points from the equipment, presents the data graphically and sends alarms on user defined conditions.

Given our challenging environment, rapidly changing business and operational needs, we have been impressed with the way Business Landing responded and accommodated us. Even late requests for changes were included within overall Project timeframe.

Enterprise website

Hydraulics & Pneumatics solutions company established for over 50 years. Required a complete overhaul of the existing website and integration of various new dynamic modules such as multi-media support, product ranges, customer enquiries/alerting and training centre offerings. In addition, the website was required to support mobile devices, including mobile and tablets.

Not only have we seen a significant increase in website traffic, we have had excellent direct feedback from our customers and partners as to the design, quality and fast response times. This has been measured by the substantial increase in customer enquiries, satisfaction and revenues. We now even receive higher quality job applicants.

Corporate Intranet


Companies requiring a single web-based enterprise solution to empower dispersed teams to communicate, encourage close collaboration and work creatively both internally and externally together with customers or partners.

Since adopting Business Landing’s software we have closer relationships (and loyalty) with our clients and vendors. By building teams to include internal staff and customers, benefits include reduced design cycles, improved quality, increased productivity, decreased time to market and significant reduction in costs.

Team sports management with social networking


Amateur association football clubs required a low-cost solution to help manage teams, players, training sessions, player performance statistics, pre-match and post-match activities. An important part was the social networking aspect to manage club memberships and improve communications with players, parents and even fans.

The speed of delivery and professionalism of Business Landing was impressive, so we have no hesitation in recommending them to other sport clubs.

Global consulting


An international consultancy focused on providing environmentally responsible products and services. The brief was for a new website to promote the company’s domain experience, scope and depth of offered solutions and successes.

No task was too hard, somehow Business Landing always delivered exactly what was required and most times exceeded our expectations. Speed, coupled with high quality and at reasonable cost, we cannot ask for more.

Custom dynamic websites


A Group of cooperating multi-media design companies supplying innovative graphics for print as well as online publishing. Requirement for a flexible, easy to use and expandable websites to showcase and promote the Group’s expertise.

We have worked with Business Landing for quite a few years and look forward to many more!

Responsive, highly efficient desktop and mobile websites


With the rise of mobile and tablet devices, you need to be sure that your website displays quickly and elegantly on any device.

This very website is an example of a highly efficient HTML5 compliant responsive design that displays equally well on any internet connected device. This HTML5 compliant website is rated at 100% by Google, Grade A by Yahoo and Grade A by Web Page Test .